Save Energy During Peak Hours

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Want to know your peak hours?

What are peak hours for electricity?

Peak hours are when electricity is in the highest demand, driving up the cost per kilowatt-hour. It’s best to not use heavy-duty appliances during this period, such as ACs or washing machines to avoid high electricity bills.

What are off-peak hours for electricity?

Off-peak hours are all the hours that are not peak hours. They usually see lower demand and cheaper rates. It’s best to use most heavy-duty appliances like electric geysers, washing machines, and ACs during this time to significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Worried about the increasing electricity bills?

Automate your home today and save up to 50%* on your bills!

*Based on real-world data collected across multiple sites

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Want to save massively on your electricity bills this summer?

Try these easy hacks with MTronic


Automate your ACs

Have the AC turned on for an hour before peak hour starts. Draw the curtains and close all doors and windows so your home stays cool without the extra cost.


Set a ‘Peak Hours’ Scene

Set and automate a scene where all heavy-duty appliances switch off when peak hours start. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch off the AC or any other appliance.


Automate your water motor

Schedule your water motor to run during off-peak hours, like early morning, ensuring a steady water supply when you wake up.


Automate the outdoor lighting

As evening falls, have all your external and gate lights automatically switch on. Then, as bedtime approaches, let them switch off - all without you needing to step out into the sweltering heat.

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Schedule your water dispenser

Manage your water dispenser's energy use by scheduling it to run every hour after 2 hours and switch off during peak hours. Enjoy cold water without worrying about energy waste.

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