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    MTronic (also referred to as ‘We’) is committed to protecting user (also referred to as ‘You’ or ‘Your) privacy and personal data (also referred to as ‘data’ or ‘information’) while ensuring a seamless user experience. This policy covers the details of how we collect, utilize, and protect your personal data.

    This privacy policy is applicable for this very website: The respective MTronic platforms (iOS, Android, Portal) have their own privacy policies. You can access them on the platform itself.



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    Data that we collect

    This section briefs the types of data we or any third-party service may collect.

    Categories of Data

    Data we Collect (No PII)

    When you visit this website, we may be collecting some data, which helps us provide a better experience and we may utilize that data for marketing purposes as well. This data can include some or all of the following:

    • User Behavior data, for example, website usage, and session time based on the cookies marked as allowed.
    • Clickstream data.

    Data you Provide

    When you submit a form or download any resource from the website, we may collect any or all of this data:

    • Name, Email Address, Phone Number, City Name, and additional contact details that are necessary to provide the required services.
    • Content Data - Entries of the online forms submitted by you.

    Data Collected by Third-Party Platforms

    The third-party platforms integrated with the website may collect and process your data to perform the required functionalities.

    The list of all the integrated third-party platforms along with their purpose of data collection and processing and their respective privacy policies can be accessed here.

    Categories of Data Subjects

    The data subjects include:

    • Customers
    • Employees
    • Prospective customers
    • Communication partner
    • Users/Visitors
    • Business and contractual partners
    • Persons depicted

    Purpose of Data Processing

    There are various reasons why we would like to record your information and how we can use it. Some of them are listed as follows:

    • To understand the user interaction with our platform or the integrated third-party software (As mentioned in the section Data Collected by Third-Party Platforms).
    • To understand user preferences that help us develop new methods, solutions, and products for our customers.
    • To introduce modifications in the form of Updates, which improve the quality, reliability, and efficiency of the website.
    • To record user preferences and provide promotional and marketing content according to your personal choices.
    • To record your interactions with our platform and/or any third-party software for enhancing user experience in terms of look and feel, functionality, and any related content.

    Use of Cookies

    Cookies are simple text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server. Each cookie is unique to your web browser. It contains a set of anonymous information such as a unique identifier, website’s domain name, and some digits and numbers.

    Types of Cookies

    This website makes use of the following cookies:

    • Essential Cookies – They are necessary for the website to function properly and ensure its security and smooth browsing.
    • Marketing Cookies – They are utilized for marketing purposes to help deliver personalized ads and promotions by tracking the user behavior.
    • Personalization Cookies – They are utilized to provide customized user experiences based on your preferences and history.
    • Analytics Cookies – They are utilized for optimization by analyzing the website traffic and usage patterns.

    Cookies are used by obtaining a proper consent from the user. However, the necessary cookies are required by the website to function properly and ensure secure and smooth browsing. The necessary cookies cannot be disabled.

    Other than that, you can enable/disable the Marketing, Personalization, and Analytics cookies from the Cookies Manager.

    Retention Period

    Cookies are divided into two categories based on their retention periods. These include:

    • Session Cookies (Temporary Cookies) – These cookies are deleted as soon as the user closes the respective platform or the end device, for example the closing of browser or the mobile application.
    • Persistent Cookies – These cookies remain in the record even after the closure of the respective platform. Unless specified, the user should consider the cookies as persistent and assume their storage time to be up to 2 years.

    Opting out of Cookies

    As mentioned in the section Details on the Consent, you can disable the Marketing, Personalization, and Analytics cookies from the Cookie Manager. Apart from that, you can also disable the usage of cookies from your browser settings.

    Cookies we use

    The list of all the cookies integrated into the website along with their relevant details can be accessed here.

    Where Do We Store Your Personal Data?

    We store your data submitted via forms in HubSpot. The reason for storage is to facilitate communication, provide customer support, and share promotional material.

    Your data is secured by the HubSpot security mechanisms to ensure that it is protected and utilized per requirements. Additionally, the MTronic HubSpot data has privacy settings enabled for it and our data storage server is located in Europe, ensuring your data stays secured.

    We also store the collected data in your browser cookies. However, no such data is stored permanently.

    How Do We Protect Your Data?

    We understand, respect, and care for your data privacy. Therefore, we take appropriate physical, digital, and administrative measures to secure your data that we capture when you interact with our platform. These measures are taken according to the rules and regulations of Data Security and Protection, including other measures to maintain your data integrity and privacy.

    Access Control

    Your data can be accessed by authorized individuals of the Sales, Marketing, and Operations departments via authorized devices only. That data may be used for marketing purposes, user communication requirements, and to provide customer support.

    To add a layer of security, Two-Factor Authentication is enabled for all the individuals to ensure your data is accessed only by the authenticated employees.

    SSL Encryption

    Our website is secured via data protection mechanism of SSL (https) that encrypts your data during communication across the website.

    HubSpot Security Infrastructure

    Since all your data submitted via forms is stored in HubSpot, the security mechanisms of HubSpot applies across all the steps of data collection and processing.

    The Federal Decree Law No. 45/2021 on the Protection of Personal Data applies to UAE citizens. Per PDPL, the user data is collected only upon the user's consent, which is attained with the acceptance of privacy policy and cookies, or filling of forms.

    Under this law, the user has the right to the following:

    • Right of Access to Information
    • Right to Request Personal Data Portability
    • Right to Rectification or Erasure of Personal Data
    • Right to Restriction of Processing
    • Right of Processing and Automated Processing

    In case of any of the above requests, drop an email to and our team will get back to you within 72 hours and your request will be processed within 90 days.

    Social Media Profiles

    This website has its social media handles linked to it. If you navigate to a particular social media account through this website, the data processing mechanisms of that platform stand effective. In such a case, the data processor is the respective social media platform.

    The data on the social media platform may be processed for market research and advertising purposes. This data is utilized to create and display the advertisements within/outside the social networks that align with the user’s interests.

    To access the detailed description of the respective processing and opt-out mechanisms, refer to the data protection declarations and information provided by the respective operators.

    Types of Data Processed

    • Contact Data – Email, Telephone Number(s)
    • Content Data – Submissions of online forms
    • Usage Data – Interest in content, Access time
    • Meta Communication – Identification numbers, Consent status

    Affected Persons

    All the website visitors or the users of the respective social media platform


    The data may be collected by the platform for communication, feedback, and marketing purposes.

    Social Media Platforms

    Meta Products (Facebook and Instagram)

    • Service Provider: Meta Platforms, Inc.
    • Description: As specified in the Your activity and information that you provide section, Meta collects data about content (posts, comments, audio, camera feature, camera roll settings, voice-enabled features, filters, avatars), messages (sent/received), meta data, ads, used apps and features, content you interact with, purchases or transactions, hashtags, and time/frequency of the usage.
    • Legal Basis: Legitimate interests
    • Privacy Policy:


    • Service Provider: LinkedIn Corporation
    • Description: As specified in the Data We Collect section, LinkedIn collects the data provided by you in the form of registration, profile setup, posting, and uploading content. Apart from that, LinkedIn may collect the Data From Others, including content and news, contact and calendar information, partners’ information, and related companies/services details.
    • Legal Basis: Legitimate interests
    • Privacy Policy:


    • Service Provider: YouTube
    • Description: As specified in the How YouTube may use your personal information section, YouTube specifies the username and photo as the personal information. Apart from that, certain advertisement forms may require an email address and phone number from you, which are optional to provide.
    • Legal Basis: Legitimate interests
    • Privacy Policy:


    • Service Provider: WhatsApp
    • Description: As specified in the Information We Collect section, WhatsApp may collect the account information, your messages, your connections, status details, transaction and payment data, and customer support communications. Apart from that, some information may be collected automatically like usage and log information, device and connection information, location information, and cookies. WhatsApp also collects different forms of information via third parties.
    • Legal Basis: Legitimate interests
    • Privacy Policy:

    WhatsApp Communication

    Upon certain requirements, communication with our sales or operations representative may execute through WhatsApp. Note that our representative(s) never initiate the communication on WhatsApp and is always carried out in response to the user's message/query.

    When the user initiates the communication, a consent message is sent from the MTronic team. With the user's consent, we may retain the user's information to ensure smooth communication.

    Data Retention

    We may retain your data to address your product queries, provide customer support, and share promotional material. The data retention polices are as follows:

    • If we don't receive your consent, the data is not retained on our servers.
    • Upon your consent, we may retain the data of potential customers or leads for up to 90 days maximum, provided there is no communication between the user and our representative. After which the data is set to auto deletion.
    • The data of customers obtained on their consent may be retained for an indefinite period to provide customer support and share the updates.

    Right to Object, Modify or Erase your Data

    If your personal data is processed by us based on legitimate interests, you have the right to object to the processing of it. Additionally, if the objection is directed against the processing of personal data for direct marketing, you have the general right of objection without the requirement to indicate a special situation.

    Requests to access, change, or remove your information will be handled within ninety (90) days. This time range is initiated upon receiving the request from you. As specified in the Data Retention section, we retain the data of our customers for an indefinite period. This data may be used as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, dispute resolution, and agreements enforcement.

    If we have collected your personal information to provide our services and customer support or produce promotional material, you can request the deletion of your data. The request will be processed within the specified time range, provided that you’re not maintaining any account with our services.

    Request for Data Objection, Modification, and Deletion

    To request the objection, modification, or deletion of your data, send an email to and we will respond within 72 hours, while your request will be processed within 90 days.

    Modifications in the Privacy Policy

    With our commitment to deliver the best and seamless user experience, we may make the required updates and modifications to this privacy policy. As soon as any update is made, the changes are translated into this privacy policy and an email is rolled out to all the customers. 

    However, we do recommend that you keep visiting this page to stay updated on the changes in the privacy policy.

    Note, if you decide to continue your usage of this website after the policy update, it is considered as your agreement to accept the updated changes.

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    In case of any questions or queries about this privacy policy, contact us at:

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