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The origin of MTronic

MTronic is powered by the innovative software and advanced hardware of MRS Electronic.

We are part of a legacy that has continually redefined the way technology integrates with daily life.

The origin of MTronic

With over 20 years of experience,

the name 'MRS Electronic' has become synonymous with Germany Flag Icon'Quality German Engineering in the global electronics and automotive industry. And now, it's making waves in the smart home industry. Mesh Icon

MRS Electronic takes pride in offering a comprehensive product portfolio and customized hardware and software solutions, trusted by renowned names worldwide.

Their operations span three principal business areas:

Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Software Services

Software Services

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Experience the excellence of MRS Electronic and unlock the true potential of smart living.

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German Technology

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So, what is MTronic?

MTronic All Products
Air Conditioner

MTronic is the ultimate smart home solution that transforms the way you live.

The advanced German technology used adapts your home to your routine. With MTronic, you can effortlessly automate every aspect of your home, including lights, fans, ACs, electric geysers, and more.

As you start your day, your home stirs into action on its own

blinds roll up
electric geyser switches on
and the kettle starts boiling the water for your morning tea

And when it's time for sleep

lights switch off
blinds roll down
and the AC hums to life, creating the perfect relaxing ambience for you.

A message from our CEO

Mansoor Shaukat - CEO MTronic

Mansoor Shaukat

CEO MTronic

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Automation with MTronic is not just a convenience; it’s a complete transformation of your everyday living.

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MTronic brings international excellence to the Pakistani market. Our German-engineered products ensure reliability, and our promise to each of our customers is unparalleled service and support. We are driven by a passion for innovation, and our mission is to provide seamless automation that frees you from the hassles of mundane tasks.

Once you experience the ease and simplicity of our solution, there's no turning back.

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Checkout the complete video

Why Choose MTronic?

Our home automation solution is created with your needs in mind, aiming to make your life easier and more convenient.

With a strong focus on innovation and development, we are constantly striving to bring you the best possible experience.

Icon for We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer. | MTronic

We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

We manufacture everything ourselves with extreme care and precision. Our products are designed with the latest German technology and industry best practices keeping in mind the needs of the local industry.

Icon for We use the latest wireless mesh technology. | MTronic

We use the latest wireless mesh technology.

With the internet sometimes being unreliable, we made sure to use the latest wireless mesh technology in our solution. It allows you to add up to 256 products without straining your Wi-Fi®. So, even if you automate all the spaces in the house – bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and so on, your internet speed will not be compromised.

Icon for We ensure your data privacy. | MTronic

We ensure your data privacy.

We utilise the advanced security standards of AWS Cloud - one of the world's most secure networks - ensuring all communication between devices and the Internet is encrypted and protected. This guarantees your network remains safe from external threats and ensures the privacy of your data is always maintained.

Icon for We are with you from start to finish. | MTronic

We are with you from start to finish.

Our service includes a free survey, where we tailor the solution to your budget and needs. We also provide professional on-site installation and comprehensive after-sales support, giving you end-to-end assistance. Plus, in the unlikely event that you face any issues, we offer a 1-year replacement warranty.

MTronic MHub

Have your home take care of you!

Experience the world of smart living with our range of products – all designed with you in mind.

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